We Are This


The latest equipment is essential and the greatest craftsmanship is a given. What we are is the most customer-focused and genuinely concerned printing partner you will ever encounter. We realize that's a grand claim, and it's one we don't make lightly.

At Franklin Press, our third-generation attitude coupled with the fact that we were simply raised to treat people right will serve you beyond expectations. Your project and all the aspects of that project will be handled as if it were our only job—because your satisfaction IS our only job.

From Printer to Partner


We take deadlines and bottom lines seriously. We can do this with great confidence because our entire system is designed for and our total culture is dedicated to reliability at its most impressive.


Being responsive at Franklin Press is simply a natural part of the job. Our entire team operates in concert with your entire team. Clients can communicate with any rep or technician for expedited and direct answers.


Trustworthiness is a virtue that our people arrive at Franklin Press already possessing. What we do is infuse that very real quality of trust and all its manifestations deeply into every element of our business. We know that without trust, there’s nothing.


Three generations ago, we opened our doors. Three generations later, we’ve had thousands of amazing clients walk in those doors (and back out happy). Our family legacy is one of those relationships that go beyond blood to ink. Welcome to the Franklin extended family of true partners and cherished relations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It won’t take a lot of words or a team of lawyers: See above “Satisfaction Guarantee.” It’s just about that simple. You will leave Franklin Press pleased, satisfied, impressed, happy and empowered to do great business. We start the presses for you and we’ll stop the presses for you. It gets done right or it gets done again.